DLSP FC, Kirwan Park, Kilternan, Co. Dublin 2021-02-12T12:32:47+00:00

Project Description

Project Description

Established in 1899, De La Salle Palmerston FC is one of Ireland’s oldest amateur rugby clubs. Competing in the All Ireland League at its home grounds located at Kirwin Park in Kilternan, County Dublin, the club’s existing 15-year-old lighting system was not energy efficient, did not meet minimum lighting standards set by the Irish Rugby Football Union, and contributed to neighbour complaints about light trespass. Upgrades at the 16-acre site included the installation of a Light-Structure Green™ system, which significantly reduced spill and glare. A creative and efficient design produced a high-quality, six-column plan that illuminates three full-size pitches and provides backlighting to two additional training areas. Club officials are pleased with the reduction in energy consumption by nearly 40 kW per hour and Musco’s Constant 10™ product assurance and warranty program eliminating all lamp maintenance for the life of the system. They also value the flexibility to expand the system in future years.

Project Details

Design & Build:

  • 500 lux to Main Pitch.
  • 350 lux with switching down to 250 lux on Pitch 2.
  • Lighting to Training area.
  • Generator powered.