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Project Description

Project Description

Malting Company of Ireland – Process Control Upgrade

The Malting Company of Ireland Limited has been producing the highest quality malted grains since 1858. The company produces a range of high quality, whole-grain Irish Malted Barley products to the brewing and distilling industry.

MCI can trace its heritage back to Beamish & Crawford’s old floor maltings, situated in the heart of Cork city, on the banks of the River Lee.

The malt is produced in a modern state of the art maltings in Cork. Barley is steeped in water before being germinated under carefully controlled conditions. The malting process preserves the natural goodness of the barley and accounts for the provenance of every grain.

Project Details

Scope of Work: Design, Installation, PLC Control and Instrumentation

Engineer: McSherry Electrical Design & Build

Main Contractor, PSDP & PSCS: McSherry Electrical

Value: €645,000