Vartry Water Treatment Plant, Co. Wicklow


Project Description Vartry Water Treatment Plant in Co. Wicklow The Vartry Water Supply Scheme provides drinking water for a supply area stretching from Roundwood, through north Wicklow up to south Dublin and serves over 200,000 people. It was developed by Dublin Corporation in the 1860s and includes two reservoirs, a water treatment plant, [...]

Dairygold Tine – Jarlsberg Cheese Plant, Mogeely, Co. Cork


Project Description New Jarlsberg Production Facility The €120 million Mogeely facility was developed in a partnership arrangement with TINE SA, Norway’s largest dairy co-op. The new facility will process local dairy farmer’s milk into Jarlsberg cheese, a premium Norwegian cheese, which will be sold across Europe, providing a Brexit proof market for milk from [...]

The Kerry Central Regional Water Supply Scheme, Lough Guitane, Co. Kerry


Project Description Kerry Central Regional Water Supply Scheme. Engineers Ireland’s Excellence Awards - Engineering Project of the Year for 2018  This €30 million project provided for a safe and secure water supply for residents, industry, agriculture and tourism in the area as well as ensuring 62,000 customers are removed from the Environmental Protection Agency’s [...]

Project Munster, Danone


Project Description Following the construction of the M2 Dryer in 2011, Danone Infant Nutrition undertook to replace the existing 5 ton/hr dryer with a new automated higher-output 7 ton/hr GEA Multi Stage Dryer (MSD). Project Munster consisted of the erection of a New Production Area over the existing Intake Facility including access and electrical [...]

Dairygold Milk Processing Facility, Mallow, Co. Cork


Project Description Dairygold, Mallow, Co. Cork - €83.5m Milk Processing Plant The new dairy processing plant integrates the operation of the site’s existing 5 tonne per hour Dryer operations with new facilities. In the coming years this will enable the Mallow site to produce a suite of dairy ingredient milk powders up to Infant [...]

Teeling Whiskey Distillery, Dublin 8


Project Description Design & Build Distillery, Visitor Centre & Offices Since 1782 the Teeling Family has been crafting Irish whiskey and it all began with Walter. In 1782 Walter Teeling set up a craft distillery on Marrowbone Lane in the Liberties area of Dublin commencing a 230 year tradition of distilling for the Teeling [...]